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Vue – The UI Framework to Build Stunning Web Apps

How do you build the next viral web app that charms users visually and provides the best browsing experience to maximize engagement and boost sales? You start with the right technology stack where a robust programming language and framework are a must.

Today, web development is highly competitive. Driven by unwavering digital progress, it thrives on out-of-the-box solutions for complex problems. But time and money have often been a hindrance to companies with tight budgets and deadlines. They had great ideas but lacked the funds or patience to execute them.

Thankfully, this issue is a thing of the past. With the arrival of new developers and frameworks, it’s now possible to build a stunning, cost-effective web app within the established time frame. Not many frameworks can do such a stellar job, but Vue.js is one of them.

Vue and the man behind it

Vue is a progressive, lightweight JavaScript framework used for developing single-page applications and user interfaces. Vue is the creation of Evan You, a Chinese American with an undergrad in studio art and art history. So, how did Evan leap from the world of abstracts and aesthetics to computers and programming languages? The man himself revealed it all in an interview for Freecodecamp.

“When I went to college in the US, honestly I didn’t know what I wanted to do and I was majoring in studio art and art history. When I was about to graduate, I realized it was pretty hard to find a job doing studio art and art history.

I figured maybe I could go to a master’s program that fit my interests better and developed more skills. I went to Parsons and studied the Master of Fine Arts for Design and Technology.”

Evan eventually landed a job at Google Creative Labs, where he worked on prototyping various ideas in the browser. He used Angular for many of his projects but felt it was too heavy for the goals he pursued at that time. Here’s where the eureka moment happened for Evan:

“ I figured, what if I could just extract the part that I really liked about Angular and build something really lightweight without all the extra concepts involved? I was also curious as to how its internal implementation worked. I started this experiment just trying to replicate this minimal feature set, like declarative data binding. That was basically how Vue started.”

The rest, as they say, is history. Even released Vue for the first time in February 2014. It had instant success on GitHub, and over the years, became a full-fledged JS framework with millions of downloads worldwide. Today, Evan You is a full-time Vue developer with a large community base. Vue powers global websites, including Nintendo, WizzAir, Behance, 9gag, BMW, and Adobe.

Why is Vue so popular?

By now, you are probably eager to know why Vue is so popular. As always, it’s all about small details that gracefully make the development smooth and pleasant. Vue excels in fast performance and flawless integration into projects of any size for front-end development. It’s easy to learn and versatile enough to execute ambitious ideas into interactive web interfaces. Below we’ve selected several standout Vue benefits that define this framework, so let’s take a closer look:

Robust Ecosystem

Vue’s primary focus is to create visually appealing and intuitive interfaces. But behind every glossy app users enjoy, complex algorithms ensure its stability. Vue.js alone can’t solve all the problems that naturally arise when building modern apps. And it doesn’t need to when it’s part of a robust ecosystem that allows developers to find quick solutions for specific issues. With the help of Vuex, Vue Router, Vue Test Utils, and Vue CLI, developers can concentrate on the challenge at hand without wasting time on the learning curve.

Single-file components

When building complex apps, unit testing, code readability, and reusable components are imperative. Vue takes care of all these elements by following the component-based architecture (CBA) model. It allows developers to fine-tune the tiniest portions of the app and seamlessly re-use them for other features. Best of all, the code readability streamlines the entire process and accelerates app development.

Virtual DOM

DOM stands for Document Object Model, a hierarchical representation of a web page. Browsers use the DOM to render pages, but anytime there’s a change, the entire DOM needs to be updated, slowing down the website. Vue keeps an identical, fully synced virtual copy of the DOM. Developers work with the virtual DOM and then update the final version to the original DOM. This way, app development is more fluid and less expensive.

Effortless integration and scalable flexibility

Vue depends only on JS frameworks and doesn’t need anything else to operate. This feature makes it extremely flexible and adaptable. You can integrate it with current apps and even older systems. Vue is lightweight and incrementally progressive. Moreover, it’s the perfect solution when you have to redraft a project, as you don’t have to rewrite the whole thing. Vue’s component by component approach will let you create the desired outcome.

Top-notch performance

In a world where every millisecond matters, Vue is the real difference-maker. It launches websites and apps lightning fast, contributing not only to a better user experience but also to better SEO rankings. If there’s one reason why developers recommend Vue to clients, it’s the high performance.

Vue – one of our favorite frameworks

At Digitize Everything, we’ve mastered dozens of programming languages to help our clients transform their unique ideas into successful products, and Vue holds a special place among the various frameworks and libraries we use.

From its modest beginnings to today’s enormous popularity, Vue has progressed in the true spirit of the open-source community. Lightweight but so powerful, it allows us to craft projects of any size and budget. We can integrate Vue with numerous existing apps or use it to build innovative products.

MissionGO, is just one example of how Vue powers the global leaders of unnamed aircraft systems. Long story short, we build a scalable internal dashboard that monitors and streamlines the company’s operations. You can read more about Mission GO and our work in our portfolio section.

Final Words

Current front-end development relies on bright ideas, efficiency, and long-term results. With companies looking to conquer new markets and diversify their portfolios, mobile apps and websites become the driving force to reach their targets.

Vue simplifies architectural decision-making and lets developers build resilient and fully-secure apps that deliver amazing online experiences and retain customers. If you want a vibrant app to augment your digital presence, Vue is the framework to take your project forward.