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Bearn App

A healthy lifestyle is everything in today’s busy world. Every company would like its employees to be fit both mentally and physically. Healthier workers are more productive and creative – the perfect combination for strong team spirit and a happy workspace. But how do you motivate members to be proactive with their health? Now you have the solution, and it’s called Bearn.

Bearn is a highly customizable and scalable B2B app that financially rewards individuals for meeting measurable and achievable health goals. It features a unique health credit score that companies can create for their members to assess their health status, track their progress, and offer tangible prizes for specific gains.

Our role in the project

We’ve been actively involved with the Bearn project from the ground up, shaping their business model and creating a successful product launch. Our software engineers built the backend architecture that powers the app, while the UX/UI designers gave it a beautiful look and unparalleled user experience. A flexible API system provides useful integration points to partners and allows them to create custom flows in other products.

Bearn members can deposit or apply the cash in different ways, including depositing money to HSA/HRA accounts, personal bank accounts, a partner’s own benefits platform, or the Bearn Marketplace, which has over 7 million monthly active users and offers ranging from retail brands to flight and car rentals.

Companies are always looking for efficient ways to encourage better employee health in a fun and inspiring way. Now, thanks to Bearn, they have an app that does this job for them, while Bearn has found in us a reliable partner that helped convert a great idea into reality.

  • Strategy

    UI/UX Strategy, Brand, Video

  • Tech stack

    Swift (iOS), Java, Kotlin (Android), React

  • Client

    Bearn App, LLC

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