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Mozilla MDN Web Docs

Mozilla has always been at the forefront of open Web progress. In its continuous quest to improve the Internet, the not-for-profit organization built a tightly-knit global community of Web developers and enthusiasts. But as cyberspace expands, the need for new specialists intensifies.

To help aspiring coders learn front-end Web development, Mozilla created MDN Web Docs (previously known as MDN — the Mozilla Developer Network), an evolving learning platform for Web technologies and the software that powers the Web.

Students can pick a wide range of topics, including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Another area dedicated to complete beginners walks them through the web development basics before they reach a comfortable level and can jump to more advanced subject matters.

Our role in the project

The primary challenge in developing such a platform was providing users with an easy way to access large amounts of studying information. Our team worked on the website’s architecture and wireframe to create a pleasant learning experience with no distractions.

What makes MDN Web Docs special is that anyone can submit new learning materials as long as they meet the guidelines. Moreover, contributors are welcome to report bugs, edit, and fix the source code on GitHub.

By helping Mozilla develop and launch their new projects, we, at Digitize Everything, bring our small contribution to the greater good of the open-source Web. In the true Mozilla’s spirit, we made MDN Web Docs accessible to everyone.

  • Strategy

    Brand, UI/UX

  • Tech stack

    React, Python

  • Client


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