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Mozilla Webcompat

Browser compatibility issues have plagued developers and users since the dawn of the Web. Few things are more annoying than watching website components crash in your default browser only to find that everything works fine on another program.

With so many different sites, apps, browsers, and devices, no universal solution can fix all the compatibility bugs, but the next best thing to tackle this ongoing problem is Supported by Mozilla, Webcompat and its browser extensions is the best and quickest way to report and view compatibility problems for any part of the web.

Our role in the project

Our team completely redesigned and rebuilt Webocompat’s website to enhance and streamline users’ experience when reporting a browser compatibility issue. We’ve used React to create dynamic content that loads fast and makes the entire process of submitting an error so much easier. Moreover, Webcompat browser extensions allow users to report a bug directly from the source back to with just a few clicks.

We also provided developers a straightforward way to sort, triage, and diagnose dozens of issues that users submit daily. By creating a thorough, step-by-step submission algorithm, we ensured that the volunteers who fix the compatibility errors have all the relevant information at their disposal.

Just like Common Voice and MDN Web Docs, has been another resounding success thanks to Mozilla’s initiative and our developers’ effort. Since its launch, over 80,000 issues have been submitted into the system, changing the Web for the better.

  • Strategy

    Art direction, UI/UX Strategy

  • Tech stack

    React, Python, HTML5, CSS3

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